Gingrich says a Conservative Rival to Romney Will Emerge

Newt GingrichFormer House Speaker Newt Gingrich says he’s
confident GOP conservatives will “gradually coalesce” around a
candidate who can deny the party’s nomination to Mitt Romney.

Gingrich calls himself
“a Reagan conservative” and says that’s the kind of nominee the GOP
needs to defeat President Barack Obama.

Georgia Republican says Romney has got to show that he can “get a
majority somewhere.” Romney won about 25 percent of the vote in Iowa.

also tells ABC’s “Good Morning America” that “one of us will eventually
emerge as the conservative alternative and will beat Romney.”

didn’t name names, but Gingrich apparently was talking about himself,
former Sen. Rick Santorum and Gov. Rick Perry. Gingrich has attacked
Texas Congressman Ron Paul for his views on foreign policy and national

Source: The Associated Press