Churches In Hawaii Denied Request to Block Homosexual Civil Unions


With changing social trends and approaches to tying the knot, the church’s message on marriage is going to have to be repackaged for 2012.

Focus on the Family expert Glenn Stanton told The Christian Post that forming strong families and healthy marriage is something young people want; they just don’t always know how to get it.
“The biggest untapped opportunity of the church is to meet young people at one of their greatest points of need,” which is their desire to form good, healthy families, Stanton said. “Many say their number one life goal is marriage and parenting, but they are scared because they have never seen it succeed.”
Pew research found that the Millennial generation is the most marriage-minded generation today. Stanton believes it’s because they want what they were denied by the previous generation. “They are very interested in marriage, and getting and providing for their children what they didn’t have.”
He said if the church can partner with them and give them preparation and perspective in how to do that, “young people would beat a path through the churches’ doors.”
And while healthy heterosexual marriages is something the church will have to learn how to emphasize this year, they will also have to continue de-emphasizing the push for same-sex marriage.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Brittany Smith