Romney Son Makes “Dumb Joke” About Obama’s Birth Certificate

Mitt Romney and MattOne of Mitt Romney’s sons has an answer for
those who say his father should release his tax returns. He jokes that
President Barack Obama should go first and release his birth certificate
and other records.

Matt Romney’s
wisecrack came before an audience in New Hampshire on Friday. In
response on Twitter, the Obama campaign tweeted, in part, “Guess he
doesn’t have one of our mugs?”

The Obama campaign sells mugs with a picture of Obama’s birth certificate.

Romney was appearing with three of his brothers when he said in regard
to the tax return question: “I heard that someone suggested that as soon
as President Obama releases his grades, and birth certificate, and a
sort of a long list of things, then maybe he will.”

Brother Tagg Romney jumped in and said, “That was not my dad who said that.”

Matt Romney later tweeted regret that he’d repeated what he called “a dumb joke.”

Romney has refused to release his tax returns but says he’d reconsider
if he were the GOP nominee for president. Obama released his tax returns
during the 2008 Democratic primary and in each year of his presidency.

Romney campaign took a different kind of swipe at Obama, calling via a
new website for $18 donations as a response to Obama playing golf while
on vacation in Hawaii – a dollar a hole.

Source: The Associated Press