Philippine Floods Death Toll Reaches Nearly 1,500

Philippine floodsThe death toll from flash floods that swept
away entire villages in the southern Philippines has climbed to nearly
1,500 as authorities widen their search for bodies.

The Office of Civil
Defense’s latest tally Tuesday listed 891 dead in Cagayan de Oro and an
additional 451 in nearby Iligan city. The rest came from several other
provinces. Most of the dead are unidentified.

Defense head Benito Ramos says decomposing remains were retrieved
floating in the sea as far as 60 miles (100 kilometers) from the two
cities where a Dec. 16 tropical storm unleashed more than a month’s
worth of rainfall in 12 hours, sending walls of water gushing into

Ramos says the search will continue as long as bodies are being recovered.

Source: The Associated Press