Gospel of Jesus Christ Being Spread to the ‘End of the World’


Imagine living in a place where temperatures often plummet to minus 60 degrees and winter seems to last all year.

In the northernmost parts of Siberia, Peter Khudi is braving the frigid temperatures to share the gospel with remote tribes.
The Yamal Peninsula sits in the deep frozen Siberian Tundra above the Arctic Circle. Yamal means the end of the world, and in many ways it is.
“There are no roads here,” one resident said. “People use frozen lakes and rivers to get around on reindeer or snowmobile.”
The temperature fluctuates between minus 30 and minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Khudi led CBN News through the frozen land on a visit to meet a nomadic family.
Reindeer skin is used to cover the primary mode of transportation — a sleigh attached to a snowmobile.
The sun shines only a few hours during the winter. When it does appear, normally around noon, the sunrise is something to behold.
“This is a special place,” Khudi said.
Khudi belongs to the largest nomadic tribe called the Nenets. For the last few years, he’s shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with his tribe and others who live here in the tundra.
“When I became a Christian, God gave me a new heart. He also gave me a new heart for my people,” Khudi said. “I go out on my snowmobile meeting these nomadic families and telling them about the love of Christ.”
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George Thomas