FM: Israel’s Recognition of Armenian Genocide could Threaten Turkey Ties


The Foreign Ministry warned that Israel’s possible recognition of the Armenian genocide, which was discussed in a Knesset committee on Monday, could lead to the serious deterioration of Israel’s ties with Turkey.

A Knesset committee discussed on Monday the possibility of setting a memorial day for the Armenian genocide by the Turkish people nearly 100 years ago, marking a first in Israeli history.
Several MKs expressed support for the move, saying that Israel, as a nation of the Jewish people who have experienced genocide, cannot ignore genocides in other countries.
However, the recognition of the Armenian genocide has long been a sensitive diplomatic issue due to the implications it has on Israel’s relationship with Turkey, which denies it.
“This subject, given the current atmosphere, could deteriorate our ties with Turkey,” A Foreign Ministry representative said during the discussion. “Our relationship with Turkey is very fragile and sensitive right now, and we cannot cross the line – we must approach the subject intelligently. Such a decision could have very serious strategic consequences. “
Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin (Likud) said that the discussion did not arise because of the weakening ties between Israel and Turkey, maintaining that as a nation and a country, Israel cannot allow the denial of a disaster.
“We stand before all the world’s countries with the highest and most ethical demand, saying that Holocaust denial is something human kind cannot agree with,” Rivlin said, stressing that Israel must recognize other countries’ genocides.