WATCH: Many Christians Are Leaving “the Little Town of Bethlehem” Due to Palestinian Threat


Tourists are expected to return to Bethlehem in droves for Christmas, but many Christians living in the town of Jesus’ birth want to leave.

Unpredictable — that’s how Israeli author and human rights lawyer Justus Weiner describes the plight of Christians in Bethlehem and the West Bank.
For years they’ve suffered from human rights violations such as land theft, beatings, and even forced marriages between Christian women and Muslim men.
The worst persecution has come against converts to Christianity.
“If they were born Muslim but they decided to find Jesus, this is like being a traitor to God,” Weiner told CBN News. “There’s very substantial chance they’ll be beaten, forced to leave the country, or killed.”
The threat against Christians from fellow Palestinians has subsided since the second Iintifadah (uprising) ended in 2005. The years of violence against Israel scuttled tourism and ruined the economy.
Now, Bethlehem expects a near record number of tourists this Christmas season, and many Christians are doing well financially.
Source: CBN News | Julie Stahl