Is It Difficult Being a Christian at Christmas Time?


Is it difficult to be a Christian during the Christmas season?

Influential evangelical Richard Land believes so, recently noting on The Washington Post why it was becoming increasingly harder for believers in America to be “Christian” at Christmas.
“By that question I don’t mean vaguely, culturally Christian in some civil religion sense, where one may or may not attend worship services at Christmas and Easter,” Land described.
“I mean Christian in the sense of devout, practicing Christian, whether Protestant or Catholic, attending worship services more than once weekly and seeking to lead a life of spiritual discipline according to the dictates of the Christian faith.”
For devout believers who sincerely celebrated the birth of their Savior at Christmas, the president of The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention stated that it was painful to witness the secularization and commercialization of the holiday.
“Bethlehem and the manger story are almost completely obliterated in a blizzard of Santa Claus, Christmas trees and consumerism masquerading as gift giving,” he wrote.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Eryn Sun