Neighboring Countries, Imprisoned Christians, Await Outcome of New Korean Leadership

Kim Jong-unThe
sudden, but not entirely unexpected passing of longtime North Korean
dictator Kim Jong-il, 69, not only has neighboring countries on-edge,
wondering how his death will affect countries in Asia and how his
successor will run the country, but also how Christians will fare under
new leadership.

There are as yet not
many answers to those questions, but responses to the North Korean
leader’s death are pouring in, according to  

foreign ministers of both France and Australia said that the death of
Kim Jong-il could serve as a sign of hope in the country that suffers
from chronic food shortages, poor infrastructure, and frequent power
outages, the website said.

is at times like this that we cannot afford to have any wrong or
ambiguous signaling. This time also presents an important opportunity to
the new North Korean leadership to engage fully with the international
community,” said Australia’s Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.

“We hope one day the North Korean people will find freedom,” said France’s Foreign Minister Alain Juppe.

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Source: Michael Ireland, ASSIST News Service