Christians Can Be Joyful Even When They Are Hurting


Preacher John Piper and worship leader Bob Kauflin answered questions on corporate worship emphasizing that Christians can be joyful in singing songs to the Lord even when they are emotionally numb or hurting.

Worship is the experience of being satisfied in God but that satisfaction is not an emotional state, the two ministers clarified during a Q&A session, posted on the group’s website Friday, from the recent Gravity and Gladness seminar organized by the Desiring God ministry in Minneapolis, Minn.
It is not uncommon for believer to have flatness of emotion, broken heartedness for sin, or any other grief, said Piper, pastor for preaching at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. However, “being satisfied in God is not a description of any particular outward emotional state.”
Kauflin, who oversees production of Sovereign Grace albums, agreed. “We’re not here [when worshipping] to just get moved by the music,” said the worship leader who trains musicians and leaders for congregational worship. “Being emotionally moved by the music is not the same thing as being morally changed by the Spirit… It’s about seeing the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ as we sing.”
The 65-year-old pastor said you can be “satisfied with God and weeping your eyes out at the death of your mother.”
“You can be satisfied in God while praying and aching for your lost child. And the form that satisfaction in God expresses itself with will vary according to all kinds of locations in life, experiencing in life.”
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Anugrah Kumar