Fox Host Kicks Atheist Off His Show for Insulting Christianity and Christmas

bolling_atheist-300x203.jpgFox Business Network host Eric Bolling ended a live interview with an
atheist guest, after the man began insulting Christianity and the
celebration of Christmas.

Dan Barker appeared Tuesday on Bolling’s “Follow The
Money” show to discuss an effort by the Freedom From Religion
Foundation to remove a Texas nativity scene.

Bolling is a Christian and stopped the interview
because Barker — the group’s spokesman — used harsh language toward
the Christian faith.

“By the way, why was Jesus born? To save us from our
sins. What an insult that we are degraded, depraved human beings, that
Jesus created a hell, a place of torture,” Barker said.

“I have to stop you,” Boiling responded. “This is my
show. See, the name of this show is ‘Follow The Money with Eric
Bolling.’ I can’t allow you to talk like that on my show. You’re
absolutely wrong.”

“You, sir, are denigrating the name of Jesus Christ.
I’m not going to let it happen. I’m going to say goodbye to you right
now. Bye, bye,” Bolling said.

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Source: CBN News