Israel Prepares for Biological Terrorism


From suicide bombers to rockets to the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran, Israel is surrounded by enemies.

Those prospects keep the Jewish state alert to whatever may come against its citizens, including biological terrorism.
“We are now at the start of a drill of a bioterrorism event. This is a part of a series of events we are conducting in the last five years,” Res. Brigadier General Ze’ev Snir, assistant minister of defense for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, told CBN News.
Col. Avi Abergil, medical commander of the Home Front Command, calls it a silent event, where terrorists would secretly attack a populated area like a shopping mall.
“They are silently spreading some kind of germ that might infect people, that might infect other people and cause some illness in the population. And that’s how bio-terrorism works,” Abergil explained.
Emek Hospital officials in Afula, Israel, have treated terror victims in the past. Today, they’re training for biological terrorism.
“We are giving them a scenario that would have to make them deal with all kinds of questions: What to do with hospitals. Do we quarantine? Do we not quarantine? Do we close shops? What about transportation?” Lt. Col. Dr. Bella Azaria, with the Home Front Command, told CBN News.
Source: Charisma News | JULIE STAHL/CBN NEWS