Addison Adamu’s Faith Journey to Jesus Christ

Addison AdamuAddison Adamu grew up in a strict Muslim family in Ghana.

“We were taught and trained that once born a Muslim, you are always a Muslim,” remembers Addison.I used to follow my father to the mosque five times a day.”

Addison never seriously questioned the rituals of his family’s faith until a friend at school showed him a Bible.

“I didn’t want to read the Bible because if I’m caught, it will be another story,” says Addison. It’s like the highest degree of crime to convert from Islam to Christianity. He told me that God is love. It’s not about what you do, but it’s about having faith in him through Jesus Christ.”

That’s when his friend invited him to a Christian healing service.

“I was very curious to go,” says Addison. “Those who came
with their crutches, they started abandoning their crutches, and they
were screaming and shouting, ‘I am healed! I am healed!’ That shook my
idea about Jesus Christ that he’s just one of the prophets. The healing
power of Jesus Christ is real!  And that day,
I accepted him as my Lord and my personal Savior.”

Addison stopped going to the mosque with his family and began sneaking off to church.  One day, his father confronted him.

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Source: Jeremy Callahan, The 700 Club