Pre-Christmas Rise of Threats and Intimidation Against Christians in Iran

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Christian activists and house church members across Iran have been ordered to show up at the local State Security offices of their respective towns and cities.

According to a story by the Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN), quoting Christian sources in different cities, there are reports of sharp increase of activities against Christians prior to Christmas by the State Security centers of the Islamic Republic.
Reports received by FCNN show that a number of Christians in Tehran and six other cities have been ordered to the State Security centers, interrogated at length, and only been allowed home with a stern warning that they will be recalled.
In addition, FCNN said, a variety of police organizations nationwide have started exchanging information about Christian-owned businesses.
FCNN said a senior general of the Islamic police in Tehran, explaining and excusing the (illegal) information gathering said, “We must be on guard to find out the reasons behind this massive and country- wide distribution of The Bible. It is obvious that this illegal act could not have been done without the help and cooperation of Christian businessmen, and we are looking for proof of their involvement.”
FCNN said reports also show that municipalities and provincial governments across the country are being ordered to force local churches to publicly participate in the two month-long mourning activities of the Shia’ Moslems, ordering them to cancel Christmas and new year’s celebrations as a show of their compliance and support.
In previous years, FCNN said, offices of Islamic Guidance across the country forced one or two churches to hang banners across the front entrances of their buildings proclaiming their condolences to Moslems on the occasion.
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Jeremy Reynalds