WATCH: Making Boys Into Men


In today’s often emasculating culture, how does a guy learn how to be a good man? How does a woman learn to recognize him?

Most guys spend their entire lives looking for ways to prove their manhood, while women often pay dearly for making terrible mistakes with men.
As a military correspondent, author, former stock broker and one-time U.S. Army Ranger, Chuck Holton has learned to adapt to many different roles that have tested his physical and mental endurance.
But despite his accomplishments on and off the battlefield, Holton realized there was one role for which he was unprepared.
“I’ve got three sons, and I woke up one day and realized, I’ve got to make men out of these boys,” he said. “And to be honest, I’m not sure I’ve got this whole thing figured out yet myself.”
That realization led to a three-year study of what the Bible has to say about men. He has now turned that study into a book, Making Men: Five Steps to Growing Up.  The book is a guide to help dads teach their sons what true manhood looks like from a biblical perspective. It’s also written for single moms to help them teach their young boys how to grow up to be men.
Source: CBN News | Chuck Holton