‘Tebowing’ Lands on Time Magazine’s 2011 Top 10 List


Tim Tebow secured a spot on Time magazine’s “The Top 10 Everything of 2011” list.

The publication chose Tebow’s signature “Tebowing” pose as No. 5 on its list of 2011’s “Top Ten Memes.”
The Denver Broncos quarterback first demonstrated the move in October after upsetting the Miami Dolphins in a close NFL football game. Much like the evangelical sports icon, participants now drop down wherever they are to one knee in thoughtful prayer. It’s a behavior that’s since attained meme status, spreading from person to person in culture by the practice itself.
“Typically it’s wide receivers who are known to make a statement when their team makes an impressive play,” wrote Nick Carbone, the Times writer who compiled the list. “That was, until Tim Tebow. The Denver Bronco’s habit of dropping to one knee and bowing his head in prayer after a particularly successful play made him not only the most visibly faithful member of the NFL, but an internet celebrity.”
Carbone wrote that “Tebow’s prayerful pose, reminiscent of Rodin’s Thinker sculpture” inspired a fan website at Tebowing.com that has since taken the move global. It now shows participants ranging from underwater divers to firefighters busting the move in locales as diverse as the Taj Mahal, the Sahara Desert and even the White House. Now a global phenomenon, it’s raised Tebow’s profile from famous football player to cross-cultural symbol.
Football fans follow Tebow on the gridiron for his hard work, heart and ability to win whatever the odds. The former University of Florida player took over from former Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton in October when the team was an abysmal 1-4. He’s since helped transform the Broncos into a 7-5 squad, one that could likely win their AFC West division and make the NFL playoffs during the next few weeks.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Mark Hensch