Online Chat Room Drives Sunni Muslim-Turned-Atheist to Christ


Mehmet* was brought up in an Alevi family in a town in southeast Turkey. Alevis belong to a minority branch of Shia Islam and are frequently viewed by the majority Sunnis as unorthodox because of their liberal interpretation of Islam: They do not attend mosques, perform the ritual prayers five times a day or fast during Ramadan.

However, as is common among Turkish Alevis, Mehmet was greatly influenced by the prevailing Sunni religious culture and society that surrounded him. Yet he always harboured doubts about what he was being taught.
In time, he came to reject Islam entirely and became an atheist. He later softened somewhat and described himself as a “deist”: someone who believes in the existence of God but is not committed to any religion. He moved to London and soon found himself caught up in the tidal wave of decadent Western culture.
“Because I was living in London, I gave way to bad instincts–drink, women, gambling–and I was drowning in these evils,” said Mehmet. “I was unable to think of anything good.”
To escape his circumstances, Mehmet settled in Germany but came against problems with work. Because of this, he spent his time constantly on the Internet. One day he came across a chat room called the “New Testament Good News Turkish Christian.”
“I was astonished,” shared Mehmet. “I said to myself, ‘Is it possible for there to be any Turkish Christians?’ Then I entered the chat room in order to curse and mock them.”
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SOURCE: Om International