Men Using Women’s Fitting Rooms at Macy’s Featured on Fox News


Join Mat Staver and Natalie Johnson on America’s News HQ: Fox News Channel on Sunday, Dec. 11, between noon and 1:00 p.m., to discuss Macy’s policy that allows men to use the women’s fitting rooms.

On learning that Macy’s allows men to use women’s fitting rooms, people are outraged. They are cutting up their Macy’s credit cards and refusing to shop there until the policy changes. This bizarre policy came to light during the Christmas shopping season, when Natalie Johnson saw a man entering a women’s fitting room, which was in her department area, at Macy’s in San Antonio, TX. After he came out, Natalie politely approached the young man and told him that he could not use the women’s fitting rooms because they were for women only. Although this young man was wearing lipstick, he still clearly looked like a man. He became upset and used expletives, and the attorney who accompanied him said that Macy’s was LGBT friendly. Natalie politely responded that men cannot use the women’s fitting rooms, to which they demanded to speak with her manager. She was later summoned by her manager, Mary Ellen, and told that “transgender” people can use any fitting room they desire. When Natalie questioned how men could use women’s fitting rooms and asked for a religious accommodation because she could not lie by allowing men to use women’s fitting rooms, she was terminated.
There has been a huge outpouring of support for Natalie. Yet, this policy still stands at Macy’s and its affiliate, Bloomingdale’s. Right now, any kind of sexual predator could put on lipstick and have full access to any of the women’s fitting rooms and the girls of all ages who may be present! Liberty Counsel is gathering signatures on a petition to ask Macy’s to change its current policy. You can find it at Or call the corporate office at 800-264-0069 or 513-398-5221, fax them at 513-573-2049, or write to Terry Lundren, President and CEO, Macy’s Inc, P.O. Box 8220, Mason, OH 45040.
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel, commented, “This policy is absurd, and everyone who hears of it is shocked. Macy’s policy has placed every woman at risk of sexual assault and even rape. To regain the confidence of its customers, Macy’s need to immediately change its policy.”
SOURCE: Liberty Counsel