Young Christian Woman Killed During Attempted Rape in Pakistan

A 28-year-old Muslim
man, Arif Gujjar, is in police custody for questioning for the murder of
18-year-old Christian Amariah Masih whom was shot to death during an
attempted rape Nov. 27.

In an online article for AsiaNews ( 
) Shafique Khokhar reports the young woman was originally from the
village of Tehsil Samundari, about 40 km from Faisalabad (Punjab), and
was murdered because she resisted an attempted rape.

says Arif Gujjar is a “young drifter and drug addict,” the son of a
wealthy landowner in the area, named Shafi Gujjar. The young woman’s
father is calling for justice, while the Muslim community has gathered
around the family overwhelmed by grief.

young woman’s mother, Razia Bibi, 50, told AsiaNews that she and her
daughter were on their way to the channel to collect drinking water,
which is not available in the village. At first, Arif Gujjar, in the
company of a friend whose identity is still unknown, took possession of
the motorbike on which they were travelling, then grabbed the girl and,
under the threat of a gun, tried to drag her away. The young Christian
woman resisted, trying to escape the clutches of her attacker, when the
man opened fire and killed her instantly, and later tried to conceal the

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Source: Michael Ireland, ASSIST News Service