The New Asus Tablet is a Strong Apple iPad Rival

Asus TabletGiven the flood of tablets, news of yet another iPad challenger won’t exactly make you scream for joy.

But some new tablets do get you jazzed. And one
deserving recognition is the alluring Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime
that I’ve been testing. Available the week of Dec. 19, it vaults to the
top of the list of available Android tablets.

the lust? Asus has produced a tablet that is fast, beautiful and
generous with power. It costs $499 for a version with 32GB of internal
storage or $599 for 64GB. Asus is throwing in a year of unlimited Web
storage for free. Machines are Wi-Fi only.

more, if you spring for the optional $149 keyboard dock accessory — and
I suspect most folks will do just that — the tablet can function as a
notebook. You won’t mistake the qwerty keyboard for one of the superior
keyboards built onto an actual laptop, but typing on the Asus accessory
is still better than typing on the tablet’s virtual on-screen touch
keyboard. The keyboard dock also gives you extra battery life and extra

I’ve never gone gaga for Android
software on tablets. There still aren’t a lot of tablet-specific apps
available for Android, certainly nowhere near what’s out there for iOS
and the iPad. And the slightly modified version of Android Honeycomb
running on my test unit isn’t as inviting as iOS software on the iPad.

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Source :Edward C. Baig, USA TODAY