Muslim Brotherhood Takes Over Egypt

Voting in EgyptEgypt’s Muslim Brotherhood says its political party has won almost
two-thirds of the parliamentary seats reserved for individual candidates
in the opening rounds of the country’s lower house elections.

In a statement Wednesday, the Islamist group’s Freedom and Justice
party says it won 36 of the 56 individual seats that were contested in
nine provinces, including the two largest cities of Cairo and
Alexandria. It says Freedom and Justice candidates won 34 seats in
runoff elections on Monday and Tuesday after winning outright victories
in two other seats in last week’s first round of voting.

Official results from the runoff elections were expected by Thursday.

Previous wins
The Brotherhood’s party already had won the largest share of seats
reserved for parties in last week’s vote, securing 37 percent of ballots
in the nine provinces, compared to 24 percent for its nearest rival,
the ultra-conservative Salafist Nour party. Egypt’s liberal coalition
was a distant third.

If confirmed, the Brotherhood’s individual
seat victories put the movement on track to become the leading power in
the 498-member assembly.

Egypt’s remaining 18 provinces will join
the voting for the lower house of parliament in two stages in the
coming weeks. Elections for parliament’s less-powerful upper house will
begin in late January and finish in March.

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Source: VOA News