Live Tim Tebow Twitter Chat Happens Today at

Broncos vs. VikingsReady to throw blessings or brickbats at ever-faithful footballer Tim Tebow?

Every weekend there are game stories of the unconventional Broncos QB
pulling off some evangelical variation of the Hail Mary pass — or in
Tebow’s case, the Hail Mary run — followed by images of him praying,
pointing to the sky or “Tebowing” over bent knee. (One T-shirt company
is cashing in on that craze with shirts of the kneeling QB)

Reid Cherner put the in-your-face-Christian behavior
in context in his recent cover story. Now USA TODAY’s invited Larry
Taunton, executive director of the Fixed Point Foundation, which
promotes Christianity in the public sphere, to join you in a Twitterchat today.

Taunton to say the anti-Tebow outcry is really all about disguised
attacks on his Christian faith. Agree? Disagree? Speak up today when
Taunton will be online from 11 a.m. to noon so send your questions and
comments about religion and Tebow by using #timtebowchat

Source: USA Today, Faith & Reason