The Herman Cain Train Runs Out of Steam


by David Brody
No surprise. As Herman Cain would say, “Herman Cain resonated for a while but eventually Herman Cain had to hang it up. So Herman Cain will press on and Herman Cain looks forward to landing a Fox News analysts slot in the next three months.”

On the implosion scale, this was a pretty big one. Cain went from the back of the pack, to the front of the pack to packing his bags all within a matter of two months. The Herman Cain track turned into a train wreck.
The lesson? Oratory skills and a great personality can take you far and put you in a position to succeed. But in the end, overall policy depth and too much scandal (perceived or otherwise) will be your undoing.
Who stands to benefit? While the natural fit may be Michele Bachmann because of her Tea Party credentials (just like Herman Cain) I suspect Newt Gingrich will get a lot of his support based on the fact that Gingrich is looked upon as the guy who can best take on Romney. I also think Herman Cain will most likely endorse Newt Gingrich which will cement the deal for Newt.


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