God’s Hands Are Bigger Than Ours

by Jeffrey A. Johnson
December 5, 2011
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In the morning, O LORD, you
hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait in

THE GENERAL STORES OF OLD DIDN’T HAVE everything sitting on the
in nice, neat little packages for customers to come in and pick up.
Many of the common items–from sugar to pickles–had
to be scooped out of a barrel or bin; measured, counted or weighed; and
put into an appropriate container for the customer to carry home.
There’s a story of a little boy who went into such a store to purchase
ten cents’ worth of raisins. The raisins were in a barrel at the front
of the store, and they were sold for ten cents a handful. The little
boy could easily have reached in, gotten his handful, put the raisins
in a bag, paid his money, and left. Instead, he waited for the store
owner to finish with other customers and then let him know what he
wanted. You see, the little boy knew that the store owner’s hands were
much bigger than his hands. He was going to get more for his money if
he let the owner reach into the barrel and scoop out the raisins.

God’s hands are bigger than
ours. If we insist on getting things ourselves, we may not realize that
we are getting less than we would have if we allowed God to give us
those things that we need. Even though waiting on God requires
patience, we will find our needs more fully satisfied than if we do it

Your hands are bigger than ours. If we insist on getting what we want
in our own power, at best we will get less than what You can give us.
At worst, we will get something You don’t even want us to have. We
choose, therefore, to leave our needs and cares in Your hands. Teach us
to be content to wait upon You, knowing that You will never be too late
and Your provisions will never be too little. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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