Free to Be Me (Part 1)

by Natalie A. Francisco
January 9, 2012
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“Because we’re God’s children, we possess the imprint of His
character and creativity when we recognize and are energized by who
we really are.” –Dr. Natalie A. Francisco

Some would naively think that I have lived a charmed life because of
what they may see and perceive from outward appearances at this stage
of my life.  However, I was not born with a silver spoon in my
mouth to wealthy parents and siblings who lived in a prominent
neighborhood and always got along with each other like the family from
the once popular Leave It to Beaver television show from the 1950s and
1960s era, or The Cosby Show from the 1980s.  I did not attend
private schools, or receive life handed to me on a silver platter,
while being protected from the hard knocks and grueling task master of
life, and from some of the people who simply rubbed me the wrong
way.  Yet, I still lived an incredibly blessed life and never
lacked anything, especially as the baby girl of the family.
I would later learn that the most difficult experiences of life would
become my most valuable lessons, and that the people least likely to be
granted entrance into my life at my own invitation would become my
greatest character builders in my journey towards uncovering and
discovering who I really am, apart from my immediate and extended
family, as well as what I would accomplish.  Perhaps you can
relate to my story as well.
Some of us never make the leap from being defined by our family or
occupation to embracing who we are apart from both entities, and some
may prefer to stay in that paradigm.  However, I believe there are
others who refuse to be solely defined by another person, an
occupation, a vocation, or by society’s status quo of who we
should become, how we should look, and with whom we should
associate.  If that statement alone resonates with you, then keep
There are countless women who live as though their lives are a silent
movie playing on a screen, but without a message that can be heard
because they have hidden their unique voice, and therefore, have masked
their authentic selves.  Some men may fall into this category as
well because they, too, have allowed others to speak on their behalf
and make decisions for them rather than taking the reins to control
their own life and choose for themselves. Many young people fall prey
to peer pressure and are in the same situation of following instead of
leading, sometimes being bullied by others to fit in with the crowd
rather than choosing to boldly stand up and stand out in the midst of
the crowd.  Oh, yes, there are adults who are still succumbing to
that kind of pressure, albeit on a more advanced scale.



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