Don’t Look Back

by Corey L. Brown
December 5, 2011
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“But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of
salt” (Genesis 19:26).

I would dare to say that some of us are being affected by situations
that are behind us. The enemy is using some things from our past to
destroy our lives. We can’t focus on what’s ahead of us
because we’re so busy looking back on some things that occurred
in our past.

Lot’s wife was destroyed because she looked at what was behind
her instead of what was in front of her. God made a decision to destroy
Sodom and Gomorrah because of ungodly practices that were present in
the land. In verse seventeen, an angel encouraged Lot and his family to
not look back so they wouldn’t get caught up in God’s wrath
upon the land.

Whenever we look back, we take our focus off what is before us to
concentrate on what is behind us and we hinder ourselves from moving
toward what God has for our lives. The enemy wants us to focus on the
negative things from our past, so we won’t set our eyes on where
God is trying to take us. There are so many people who can’t
enjoy today because they spend so much time thinking about yesterday.

We’ve all made some mistakes that cause us shame, but we
can’t allow them to get in our way. We’ve all encountered
some bad experiences in our past, but we can’t let them hinder us
from walking in our destiny. The enemy wants you to concentrate on
what’s happened in the past so you won’t focus on
what’s before you.

You can’t do anything to change what’s behind you so you
might as well concentrate on those things that are ahead of you.

For further study, please read Genesis 19:15-26.


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