Jamaican Prime Minister Criticized for Homeschooling Children


Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his wife, Juliet, recently decided to homeschool their children but, according to news reports, have faced public criticism.

Before becoming prime minister, Mr. Holness was Jamaica’s education minister.
Homeschooling is a growing international educational movement. Thousands of families are discovering this form of education as they seek alternatives to the more institutional public and private education systems.
In the November 24 edition of the Jamaican Observer, Mrs. Holness said that she wanted her children to have a more well-rounded educational experience and to spend less time doing schoolwork.
These are among the many reasons that over 2 million American children and hundreds of thousands of others around the world are homeschooled. Academic research and real-world experience show that children who are home-educated demonstrate exceptional academic and social outcomes.
HSLDA commends Prime Minister and Mrs. Holness for their decision to homeschool their children. We hope their example will encourage many others to explore homeschooling for themselves. To learn more about how you can start homeschooling or keep homeschooling free visit http://www.HSLDA.org
SOURCE: Home School Legal Defense Association