NFL Hall-of-Famer Darrell Green Talks Faith and Football


Darrell Green is considered one of the best defensive back in the history of the NFL. At just 5’9 184 pounds, this twenty-year veteran became a 2 time Super Bowl Champion, recorded 54 interceptions and made 1,159 tackles. 

He’s also one of the fastest players. He won the NFL’s fastest man competition 4 times. He accomplished all that even though he didn’t even start playing football until the 11th grade and wasn’t offred a college scholarship.

“Football for me was, there was no–no discussions, no thoughts, no dreams of being a pro football player. Ever. Uh, I wanted to play cause that’s what, c’mon, in 11th grade, I’ve been talked about all my life, you’re too little, you can’t do this. And I just wanted to play,” said Darrell.
He wanted to prove that he could do what ever he wanted regardless of his size.
“I’m not telling you I want to be great, I’m going to be the fastest or whatever, but looked like to me when we’re on the playground, I’m beating most of you guys who say you’re studs on the football team but yet you tell me I’m too little. So finally I got the courage and my Mama to finally say yes, and I went out.”
In two seasons, he became an all- state selection in football and track. And though he wasn’t offered a scholarship, he became a walk on at Texas A&M -Kingsville in 1978. And it was there that he found new meaning to life.
“Doug Taft was our uh trainer, one of the young trainers there, that invited me to a Bible study. That’s when I first heard about Jesus. I would always win–won pretty much every time I ran and I would always just say thank the Lord, I give God the glory. But I didn’t know God and I’m sure he knew I didn’t, he said well maybe I should introduce him the Lord. I didn’t know the principles that I was supposed to live by. So I made a real commitment, Lord, I’m going to follow you,” said Darrell. 
With a new perspective on life, Darrell had an outstanding college football career. So much so, that he was selected 28th overall in the 1983 NFL draft by the Washington Redskins. 
“I saw Joe Gibbs down on his knees after the ’82 Super Bowl, and I thought the whole team were Christians. I wanted to go to Washington, really. That was an encouragement to me because of his Christian faith,” said Darrell.
Source: CBN The 700 Club | Shawn Brown