YouVersion Bible App Passes 34 Million Downloads


The YouVersion Bible app, available in multiple versions and at least 45 languages, has surpassed 34 million downloads from across the globe. App creator, based in Oklahoma, hopes to see 500 million to 1 billion downloads by the end of next year.

The free app reached a milestone of 30 million downloads on mobile devices – iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad – in October, and surpassed 34 million downloads in weeks, NewsOK reports. And contributing to this jump are devices not just from America or Europe, but also from South America, Africa, Middle East, Oceania and Asia.
“Obviously, from our perspective, what has happened is pretty incredible, but on the other hand, we now know what is possible,” said Pastor Bobby Gruenewald of in Edmond who helped create the app and who was listed in Fast Company’s 2011 “100 Most Creative People in Business” along with Conan O’Brien, Arianna Huffington, Oprah Winfrey, Tina Fey and Ryan Seacrest.
“If we have the faith to believe we can see 500 million to 1 billion downloads, then 30 million seems pathetic,” Gruenewald was quoted as saying. “We just think it’s possible we can accelerate and connect with tens of millions more.”
The sharing of the app on Facebook and Twitter had created a viral effect, Gruenewald told The Christian Post in May when YouVersion reached a milestone of 20 million downloads. For the pastor, its global reach was in sight. “The pace has been increasing and picking up,” he said. “We are really excited because we see more people engaging in the Bible.”
The reach of the app in a little over three years is nothing less than a global revolution. “I was at O’Hare Airport and I thought, ‘What could today’s technology mean for the Bible? Could it spark revolution?’ That’s what I believe we are seeing happen today – a revolution,” the pastor said.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Anugrah Kumar