Tyler Perry’s New TBS Show ‘For Better or Worse’ Gets Mixed Reviews


The television adaption of Tyler Perry’s film “Why Did I Get Married?” debuted on TBS Friday night with the title “For Better or Worse” and some of those who tuned in expressed disappointment with the poor quality of the show, while others applauded Perry for another great sitcom.

“For Better or Worse,” described by TBS as a series that “centers around two of Perry’s favorite characters from the big screen, Marcus and Angela,” is either a hit or a complete dud based on comments from viewers who went online to offer feedback on the new show.
“This new Tyler Perry show is terrible,” wrote Gregory Epperson on his Twitter account.
Tonicia Devine wrote, “This ‘For Better or Worse’ Tyler Perry show isn’t all that exciting. They should have live audience.”
Devine’s comment was shared by others who felt the show would have benefited by having a laugh track since a live audience was missing.
As Kayla Davis tweeted, “The new Tyler Perry show needs an audience laughing in the background…I think then it would be less awkward…?”
A viewer named Monica made similar comments on Perry’s webpage for the show: “Very disappointing. It seems more like a play than a sitcom. I expected more from Marcus and Angela. The acting seems very wooden and flat. No real emotion. This would definitely benefit from either a live audience or laugh track. Not what I expect from Tyler Perry!”
Another viewer named Randolph also commented on Perry’s webpage: “Watching the show now and have to say I’m disappointed in the show. Too much cussing and thought it was inappropriate for a children to speak to adults the way they did.”
Source: Christian Post | Nicola Menzie