Trampling on Religious Rights


by Chuck Colson

The Department of Health & Human Services recently cut funding to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ campaign against human trafficking. Not because the campaign wasn’t helping the victims of sex trafficking. It was.

No, they cut it after the ACLU threatened to sue over the Bishops’ stance on contraception and abortion. As Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York put it, the government was “requiring that [the Conference’s] Migration and Refugee Services provide the ‘full range of reproductive services’ to trafficking victims.”
That, of course, is something no Catholic organization can do without violating its own most fundamental core teachings.
If “reproductive rights” ideologues are willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of refugees and trafficking victims, there’s no telling what they are willing to do with our religious freedom.
Actually, there is, which is why the Bishop’s Conference recently held a press conference at which it announced the formation of a committee on religious liberty. The committee is a response to what Archbishop Dolan called “a drive to neuter religion” in American society.
This drive, according to Dolan, was being spear-headed by “well-financed, well-oiled sectors” whose goal is “to push religion back into the sacristy.”
Source: Christian Post 
From BreakPoint, November 22, 2011, Copyright 2011, Prison Fellowship Ministries.