Serita Jakes Is Ready to Soar in Her Own Way


We know her as the wife of Bishop T.D. Jakes, the gifted pastor, orator, best-selling author, successful movie producer, and the founder and spiritual leader of the Potter’s House ministries in Dallas, Texas. Yet, to simply identify first lady Serita Jakes as “the wife of” someone famous would be a big mistake.

She is so much more.
She describes herself as “witty, funny, real, caring, and giving” and she says she is “an introverted person who has been placed in an extroverted world!” And she is ready to take her place in that world in a new way that will allow her to be both creative and transparent at once.
Make no mistake, she is indeed a proud wife and life partner to Bishop Jakes, and a proud mother of five adult children. She is an oasis of comfort and support to the tens of thousands of parishioner’s at Potter House. And she has inspired millions of women around the globe through her healing ministry.
Yet, there is another side to this woman of God. She has nurtured her family, helped her husband build his ministry, served her fellow man, and now she is redefining herself; she is shifting her attention to all of those things she has wanted to pursue since she was a child: Writing compelling fiction (her first two books were non-fiction), teaching women how to be transparent so that they can achieve their true life destinies, acting in movies as well as on stage, and lastly she is a woman with a deep well of wisdom who is showing others that at whatever stage in life they may find themselves it is never too late to have a life and never too late to change one.
theGrio had a wide-ranging interview with Mrs. Jakes earlier this week and we covered many topics from her new fiction book, The Crossing to whether or not the black church is in crisis, the Penn State sex abuse scandal and how we can better protect our children in this fast paced culture of stressed out, busy adults.
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SOURCE: The Grio
Sophia A. Nelson