How Being Grateful Can Improve Your Mood


As you clean up from yesterday’s celebration and feast once again on yummy leftovers, take a moment to reflect on the importance of this less commercial holiday we just celebrated. Thanksgiving is a once of year reminder of the goodness of God. We pause and intentionally attend to the blessings we have in our lives.

Did you know that giving thanks is not only commanded in Scripture, but also improves your mood? 
The simple act of a daily gratitude practice can change your day. Try this: Each day, write down three things for which you are grateful and notice the change in your mood. This exercise can lift depression. You can also tell people what you are grateful for and talking about it with someone will have the same impact on your mood. 
Gratitude is a characteristic of people whose lives are filled with inner peace and contentment. According to neuroscientist Rick Hansen, gratitude helps people feel brighter and more alert. He believes that gratitude helps the brain increase dopamine – involved in the planning and experience of rewards.
So this Thanksgiving season, begin a new habit. Each day, rehearse your blessings. Focus on what you have versus what you do not have, and see how different your day turns out. Gratitude will make a difference.
Then, meditate on Scripture. Notice how these verses engage the will to take action — I will rejoice, give thanks, be grateful, and be thankful:
Source: CBN
Linda Mintle, Ph.D. is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author of 16 books, a national expert on family issues and the psychology of food and weight. She’s an assistant professor in the department of pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School, a national speaker, writer, and news contributor.