Herman Cain Leads in New Iowa Poll


by David Brody

A new Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG poll from Iowa shows Herman Cain with the lead. Maybe the best thing for Cain is the fact that the media is now beginning to focus on Gingrich.

That ADHD media mentality can help a candidate in his/her time of need.
Read the poll results below:
With fewer than 50 days until Iowa’s first-in-the-nation precinct caucuses, the race appears to be up for grabs based on the results of an Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG poll of likely caucus-goers.

“That’s more the story than who’s ahead,” said Jim McCormick, chairman of the ISU Political Science Department, who coordinated the poll.

“The number of people who are firmly committed to a candidate is really only 16.5 percent,” McCormick said. “A majority of them, 52-plus, are undecided and 30 percent are sort of leaning toward one candidate.”

For the record, Herman Cain leads the field with the support of 24.5 percent of 1,256 registered Iowa voters polled. Texas Rep. Ron Paul follows with 20.4 percent and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is running third at 16.3 percent.

“Can’t decide” polled 8.1 percent — more than Texas Gov. Rick Perry (7.9 percent), Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachman (7.6 percent), former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (4.8 percent) and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (4.7 percent). Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, who has not campaigned in Iowa, received no support. “Other” polled 5.8 percent. The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percent.

“My take away from these results is that voters are still really unsure of whom they will support,” added Dave Peterson, interim director of the Harkin Institute of Public Policy at ISU and associate professor of political science, who also assisted with the poll.

“Over half of the people are still trying to decide, and another third are merely leaning toward a candidate. When asked, people will express a preference for one candidate, but they also will admit that this is a weak attitude.”
More here and the full poll is here.


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