Great Gift – No Return Policy!


November 21, 2011

“A man must be content to receive the gift…given him from heaven.” – John 3:27

We love to quote: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Php 4:13 ). The real interpretation is: “I can do anything I am suppose to do through Christ”.  The translation is not giving us permission to do whatever we want, or to compete with what we see others doing. We must remember: God’s assignments comes with His assistance!
This verse is admonishing us to stay within the boundaries of what God’s called us to do, and not undertake things that are not part of His will for our lives. That’s pure wisdom!  What is God’s will for YOUR life? Find it, do it, otherwise you’ll live in frustration, competing and comparing yourself with others.  We are instructed not to compare ourselves among ourselves ( II Cor 10:12)  The result of this kind of comparing can only result in “arrogance” or “frustration”. Staying in our assigned lane will produce both peace and purpose!
John the Baptist said, “A man must be content to receive the gift which is given him from heaven.” Read the previous verses and you’ll discover that some of John’s followers were getting upset because Jesus was baptizing too, and the crowds were leaving John and flocking to Jesus.
If John had not been secure in his God-given identity and calling, he might have become “fearful” and “jealous”.  John displayed a different attitude–one we all should take to heart. He said: “I can only do what I have been divinely authorized and empowered to do…I must be content with that gift and calling” (Jn 3:27-29). And the same goes for all of us!   John found the fullness of JOY in this position; and we will too!
We have been given a gift that will make room for us! (Prov 18:16)   If we allow comparisons to produce discontentment, jealousy and competition; we have made the decision to go to the “Spiritual Service Desk” and return the Gift!  We will never be asked for “proof of purchase”….a Gift is not purchased by the receiver; it is graciously given!
Enjoy the GIFT and witness as it brings…
Much JOY!

Who Stole My Joy?
Publisher: Bridge-Logos Publishers | ISBN: 978-0882703435