Come to Evangelist Tebow’s Crusade at ‘Tebow’ Stadium Tonight in Denver Against the Jets – There Will Be Miracles


1. Jets’ defense won’t be bullied or bulldozed
Week 5 of the Tim Tebow Experience is underway. In their last two games, each a road win, the Broncos stunned the Raiders with the read-option offense and bulldozed the Chiefs by adding the triple option to the playbook. 

The Jets have one of the NFL’s most aggressive defenses, one still willing to take chances in this age of playing the percentages. The Jets will attack the line of scrimmage more than any other team Tebow has faced, so the Broncos will have to adjust.
2. Broncos must be able to change the play
Count on Tebow being tested tonight in the seconds just before the snap. The Jets’ defensive front is an ever-changing collection of looks, with players jumping in and out of the pass rush in a variety of ways. Jets coach Rex Ryan simply calls it a “multiple” approach. Tebow needs to get the Broncos into good plays with line-of-scrimmage calls and get them out of bad ones. If the Broncos are going to stay with the play they broke the huddle with, it figures to be a long night.
3. Jets going Greene on the ground
The Jets started slowly in their running game this season but have created significantly more room to run in recent weeks. Running back Shonn Greene has averaged 5.6, 4.0 and 4.7 yards per carry in his last three games. The Jets like to play out of a two-back formation, and when things are going well, they’re willing to pound away at the defensive front in most down-and-distance situations. Denver’s defensive tackles, as well as middle linebacker Joe Mays, will need to hold their ground at the line of scrimmage.
Source: Denver Post