7-Year-Old Girl, LaNiyah Bailey, Publishes Book to Help Children Deal with Bullying because Of Their Weight


At just seven-years-old, LaNiyah is a published author. But it’s her latest effort, a book about obesity, that’s closet to her heart.

After rapidly gaining weight when she was just three, her parents consulted her pediatrician and put little LaNiyah on a strict diet. When she continued to gain weight despite being on the diet, LaNiyah’s parents knew something was wrong. Now at seven, LaNiyah weighs in at over 100 pounds, and her unexplained weight gain has caused her to be the victim of taunting and name-calling.
To handle the bullying related to her weight, LaNiyah and her mom wrote a book entitled Not Fat Because I Wanna Be to help other kids deal with being overweight.
Source: BlackLikeMoi.com |