Pastor Jeffrey Johnson, Sr., Releases New Book to Encourage and Help Young Women Titled, Dialogue With My Daughters (Available November 18, 2011)


Many young women in our country today are growing up without a father or father-figure in their lives. Some women have had fathers around but their daddies never had heart-to-heart talks with them. Some women remember things their fathers shared with them, and would like to hear those things again. 

In his latest book, Dialogue With My Daughters, Pastor Jeffrey Johnson, Sr., writes from a loving father’s heart. Through the pages of this book, readers will find him talking openly and honestly about handling your beliefs, your bodies, your brains, your business, and your blessings. Readers will find these pages filled with a variety of topics, such as: learning to appreciate the “you” God created, avoiding impulse shopping, knowing what to look for in a mate, thinking as God thinks, and many other things. 


Readers will be encouraged to base their lives on God’s Word and to allow Him to help them live an abundant life in God. This is a great book for young women ages 15-30. This book, along with the accompanying journal, Dialogue With My Daughters: My Personal Reflections makes a great gift for Christmas and special occasions for the young women in your life.


Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. is senior pastor of Eastern Star Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, a position he has held for over twenty years. This is a church “Where Jesus is exalted, and the Word is explained.” He and his wife, Sharon Henry Johnson, are the biological parents of four sons and the spiritual parents of thousands of young women to whom they have ministered over the years. This is Pastor Johnson’s fourth book, following The Song of Solomon: Love, Sex and Relationships; Making a Comeback: Reclaiming Our Lives in Christ; and Life Illustrated: Daily Thoughts for Your Daily Walk.
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Dialogue With My Daughters and the accompanying journal, Dialogue With My Daughters: My Personal Reflections is available wherever fine books are sold, including:, Amazon Kindle,, Barnes and Noble Nook, Google Books, and Google Ebooks.