Cain Will Not be Romney’s VP


In a much-touted radio appearance today, Republican contender Herman Cain suggested he would consider running as a vice presidential candidate alongside a presidential nominee who shares his ideas. 

In the interview with talk-radio host Michael Savage in which Cain was expected to make a major announcement, Savage asked, “If someone else were chosen to run for the presidency, Mr. Cain, would you accept the VP slot?”
“It depends upon who’s asking and the conditions in which they would like for me to do it,” Cain responded. “First, I would want to know clearly what my role would be. 
Secondly, if we are ideologically and idea-wise so far apart, I couldn’t do that, because I believe the vice president should be a spokesperson for the president.”
He added that Mitt Romney has a 59-point economic growth plan “that’s got all kinds of stuff in it.”
“I don’t agree with that,” Cain said. “So, right now, today, I could not be out there, helping him promote his 59-point economic jobs plan. I couldn’t do that. I like him as a businessman. If he gets [the nomination], I am going to support him. But I’d have to work with someone that I could complement, not someone that wants to put me in a role that I would not want to do.”
Source: World Net Daily | Chelsea Schilling

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