Paul Crouch Jr. Is Joining The Word Network as Director of Project Development


Just weeks after Paul Crouch, Jr. left the television network his parents pioneered 38 years ago, the mystery surrounding the “new opportunities” that enticed him is solved.

Crouch is joining The Word Network, the largest African American religious network in the U.S. Crouch gave up his position as vice president and chief of staff at TBN to serve as director of project development at the rival network.
“I look forward to working with Paul to help expand The Word Network throughout the Christian community,” says The Word Network CEO Kevin Adell. Crouch was not immediately available for comment.
Crouch will work to expand the network to the Christian community in California with live broadcasts and interviews with Christian leaders. Crouch’s new venture comes after the successful launch of iTBN, a new online service that aims to deliver TBN’s best programming–both past and present–to Web audiences all over the world. ITBN rolled out in September. Crouch resigned from TBN in October.
Source: Charisma News | JENNIFER LECLAIRE

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