Federal Court Orders New York to Approve ‘Choose Life’ License Plates


New York residents may soon be able to purchase “Choose Life” specialty license plates for their vehicles due to a recent federal court decision on the matter.

Judges ruled on Tuesday that the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles violated the First Amendment when it rejected The Children First Foundation’s application to sponsor a “Choose Life” specialty license plate as part of a state program, ordering the state to approve the plate application.
The N.Y. DMV had denied the foundation’s plate design, displaying a crayon drawing of a yellow sun and two smiling children with the words “Choose Life” written across the bottom, stating that many would find the design “offensive.”
“Pro-adoption organizations have the right to a specialty license plate on the same terms as any other organization, and the court’s decision affirms that,” ADF Senior Legal Counsel Jeff Shafer said in a statement.
“The state is not authorized to censor The Children First Foundation for its life-affirming viewpoint, but it has gotten away with doing so for 10 years now since the application was first submitted.”
CFF, a nonprofit organization that promoted adoption as a choice for women with unwanted pregnancies or newborns, first applied for a custom plate through the DMV’s specialty plate program in 2001.
Source: Christian Post | Eryn Sun 

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