Two Lesbians Get a Life Sentence for Beating Child to Death


We aren’t supposed to wish anyone ill will, but when it comes to the folks that have been raping and stealing and murdering our loved ones…well, we reserve the right to make an exception.

Two young women thought they’d beat a little girl to death and get away with it, but they were in error. The judge slammed them to the ground with a life sentence.
According to the Daily Mail, the two women beat a 3-year old girl, Serenity Richardson, to death for peeing on the floor.  They took a belt and a metal hanger and beat her entire body, except the bottoms of her feet; they were the only thing on her body left unscathed.
The judge told Erica Mae Butts and Shanita Latrice Cunningham, both 25, that the noises that the child must have made during the beating and how they could beat her through her screams was more than “disconcerting.”  She then awarded the two with life with ease…as she should have.
But then the two of them-and someone in the courtroom believed to be Butts’ mother that had to be removed because of all her screaming-lost it.  One of them started hyperventilating and the other just completely collapsed.  Check it out.
Click here for video.
SOURCE: EUR This n That

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