Cain Says Gloria Is ‘Still 200 Percent My Wife’


Herman Cain’s wife Gloria was “disgusted” by allegations he sexually harassed women but remained “200 percent supportive of me,” the GOP presidential contender told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly.

In remarks made Thursday, but broadcast Monday night, Cain added that she was “still 200 percent my wife.”
He said his wife was “handling this as I expected her to.”
Cain complained to O’Reilly about “media scrutiny over insignificant stuff.” The remarks to O’Reilly were reported on ABC News’ website.
The interview took place before the emergence of the first named accuser, Sharon Bialek. She is the fourth woman to say she was harassed by Cain.
Bialek’s detailed and lurid accusations — that Cain groped her in a car after she asked for his help finding a job — spun his already embattled campaign into an uncertain new territory.
“He deserves a fair chance. But that doesn’t mean he gets a pass. These are not anonymous allegations anymore unfortunately,” said New Hampshire conservative activist Jennifer Hor, who last week had condemned media coverage of the allegations against Cain. “I think he does need to take another step and answer a few more questions.”
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