Occupy Atlanta Protestors Are Arrested by Police

Atlanta protestersPolice arrested about 20 demonstrators on the streets around Woodruff Park late Saturday as the Occupy Atlanta protest took an unexpected turn onto Peachtree Street.

Before midnight, waves of police were moving south down Peachtree, forcing the marchers back. The first rank of police was simply in uniform and carried plastic handcuffs. They were backed by officers in riot gear — face plates, body armor and long nightsticks — and mounted police.

A knot of protesters chanted “Shame! Shame! Shame!” as the police advanced.

The march was a surprise move by the protesters. Nearly 150 went to Woodruff Park, with many saying they intended to be arrested by refusing to leave the park when it closed at 11 p.m. But shortly after 11, the group began emptying out of the park.

A couple of representative members were hauled away with hands strapped, but their move turned into a brief melee when a motorcycle policeman nearly ran over a protester who was marching with others around the park.

The confrontation quickly turned into a shouting match with a line of officers facing off against a chanting crowd of about 150.

A police spokesman said the man who was nearly run over will be charged with attacking the police officer.

Ladie Mansfield, one of the protestors, said group decided to save the city money as a way of making a statement.

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Source: Christopher Quinn, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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