What Christians Should Not Say to Single Women In the Church


The topic of marriage can often be a sticky one for single women inside the church still looking for their future husband-to-be’s.

Many believers are ill equipped to properly advise the unattached ladies within their congregation, oftentimes saying all the wrong things.
Offering a few words of wisdom, Kevin DeYoung, senior pastor of University Reformed Church in Michigan, published on The Gospel Coalition website what one woman informed him on the matter via email.
She had written in response to DeYoung’s article, titled “Dude, Where’s Your Bride?” which addressed the question of why so many “unmarried, college graduated, serious-about-Christ, committed-to-the-church, put-together young women” had not found a groom yet.
Her advice dealt not with the why, but specifically with what believers should not say to single women still seeking a groom.
“I keep praying for someone to come along for you,” was one phrase that she believed could be better stated.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Eryn Sun

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