John Piper Hits Racism Head On – Including his Own


Evangelical theologian John Piper admits it: he was “racist to the core” and a born-again Christian at the same time.

But thankfully, he says, “God had mercy on this teenage racist who little by little was awakened to something beautiful – namely racial diversity – and to something horrible – namely my own sin – and to repentance as an ongoing way of life.”
The influential pastor tackled the controversial issue of racism on Thursday at Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, a predominantly black church in Minneapolis. He addressed a diverse audience as he spoke about his latest book, Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian, where he defined racism this way: The heart that believes one race is more valuable than another is a sinful heart.
While Piper has come a long way from his years as essentially a white supremacist, he made it clear that he was not there to lift himself up as a shining example for others to follow. But he wanted to convey the seriousness of the issue.
“I know that my tribe, my evangelical conservative white tribe, they’re suspicious of social issues – ‘that sounds like social gospel leading us away from Jesus and the cross’ (they’d say),” Piper said. “So I’m playing to their music. I want to say this is not a social issue. This is a blood issue.”
Piper grew up in Greenville, S.C., where racial segregation was enforced. Along with separate drinking fountains, schools and bus seating were also churches that excluded blacks. His home church voted in 1962 not to allow blacks into their services.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Lillian Kwon

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