C-Section on Demand in Great Britain is On the Way Due to “too Posh to Push” Movement

The national Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the United Kingdom thinks all women should have a right to elect for a C-section birth without any medical reason.

This recommendation is significant because British women are normally “expected” to give birth vaginally unless there is some medical reason preventing them from doing so. When they say expected, I am wondering if that means required, or encouraged?

Women will, however, be required to make their case with their ObGyn, explaining their reasons for opting for C-section before being eligible. And doctors who are consciously opposed to performing elective C-sections can refer their patients to other doctors.

Reactions to this news in Great Britain, so far, are generally negative.

This opinion columnist considers this new guideline the straightest route to hell in a hand basket and refers to it as “rendering the cesarean a lifestyle choice.”:

“It is then, at the very least, the height of absurd vanity and, at most, an example of the ever-present gynophobia that permeates our society.”

This reaction seems slightly over the top but I’ll admit to not getting the rationale of simply preferring not to push a baby out the normal route, or finding it somehow inconvenient. Last I heard, the C-section rate in America was somewhere in the 30% range. That’s high.

But I read that this is more a result of hospitals placing a low priority on supporting a woman’s ability to birth naturally, than it is women being too posh to push

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Source: Baby Center

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