Herman Cain Campaign Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations

09137.jpgThe presidential campaign of Republican Herman Cain is pushing back against allegations that he engaged in inappropriate behavior with at least two women when he was head of the National Restaurant Association.

Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain campaigns in Talladega, Ala. (Dave Martin – Associated Press)

The allegations, first reported by Politico on Sunday night, come as Cain is atop a new poll in Iowa, a key early state where social conservatives are likely to decide who wins the GOP nomination.
According to Politico, at least two women accused Cain of making inappropriate comments and contact during his tenure at the trade lobbying group in the 1990s, and the situation prompted the women, who received undisclosed settlements as a result of their complaints, to leave the organization.
According to documents obtained by Politico, the women complained that Cain made sexually suggestive questions, comments and gestures that made them uncomfortable.
Representatives of the National Restaurant Association declined to discuss personnel matters with Politico.
A Cain spokesman blamed “Washington establishment critics,” saying they are eager to bring down the former Godfather’s pizza chief executive, who has been doing well in opinion polls and fundraising despite having little operational support in key early-voting states. A spokesman for the candidate denied that anything inappropriate happened and said that the matter was resolved more than a dozen years ago.
Source: Washington Post | Nia-Malika Henderson

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