Florence Johnson: An Atheist Turns to Christ

09137.jpg“I personally, at a young age, decided that there either was no God, and if there was a God, I hated him because I thought, how cruel can you be to allow me to get beat, to get smacked, hit with objects and things and talked down to?”

Florence Johnson’s childhood was painful and confusing. 
“We were in a single parent household and my mother took us to church on Sundays, so we were taught to believe in God, however during the week it was anything but godly,” remembers Florence. “She was physically abusive, emotionally abusive. ‘You’re fat. You’re ugly. You’re stupid.’ My mother also did things that, as an adult, I call flirting with demonic forces. In our family we had an Ouija board, which is a quote unquote ‘game.’ We used it to contact the spirits and we had séances.”
Young Florence had strange and scary experiences.
“I would see things, hear things, but as a child, I was too frightened to tell anyone,” recalls Florence. “And when I say ‘see things,’ shadows darting in corners, I could hear voices at times, I always felt there were presences there trying to get my attention. I spent many, many years trying my best in my own power to ignore it, to pretend it wasn’t there. If I saw something I would look in the other direction and act like I didn’t see it until, as I got older and older, I became numb to it. By the time I was an adult, I was scared of the dark, I was afraid of driving, I had so much fear.”
Florence did her best to ignore the voices and to control her fears. She married and had children, but her new husband was abusive, so she took the children and left. They moved in with family, but her fears intensified.
“I was terrified of just about everything,” remembers Florence. “I had claustrophobia, height-aphobia, every phobia you can think of as a result if the abuse.”
One day, her brother, a pastor, began talking to her about going to church.
“I know now that he had been praying for me all along, but Bishop Z, as we call him, would talk to me about the Lord,” says Florence. “I was a lot more interested in Star Trek than God, so I would change the conversation and zone after a few moments, but he persevered. So eventually I started taking my children.” 
“I did not go initially to know God,” admits Florence. “I just went because I wanted to know what my children were being taught. but God  grabbed me and I now know it was the spirit of God, because peace just enveloped me from my head to my feet. I knew there was something here that I wanted. I took the salvation call, Romans 10 and 9. And I asked God to be the Lord of my life.”
Florence accepted Christ into her heart, and trusted Jesus to take away her phobias. She enjoyed peace for a while, but soon the experiences of her childhood returned. This time it was worse.
Source: CBN  The 700 Club | Christine McWorter

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