Group Wants Entire Health Care Law Thrown Out


The Family Research Council  has joined 30 members of Congress in urging the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Supporters want the justices to overturn the entire law that requires most Americans have health insurance. The pro-family conservative group filed an amicus brief with the High Court, Oct. 27.
So far, only parts of the law have been found unconstitutional in court.
Ken Klukowski, director of the FRC Center for Religious Liberty, co-authored the brief.
“It’s not enough to only strike down the individual mandate. It’s only one section in a 450-section law,” Klukowki explained in a statement.
“Hundreds of other provisions in Obamacare will kill jobs, ration health care, and fund abortion,” he added. “All while bankrupting health care providers and burdening America’s families.”
CBN News spoke to Klukowski more about the brief and its purpose. Click play for his comments.


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